Get Baguette Bear's latest book for FREE for Christmas

Bonjour mes amis!

Get Baguette Bear's latest book for FREE in time for Christmas!

Christmas is just round the corner and we know all parents spend ages racking their minds for presents for their children that normally have the following three factors: Value, entertainment, educational - am I right?

This is one of the reasons why Baguette Bear's books have won international awards and have been amazon no.1 best-sellers, quite a few times as well as being firm favorites with both kid's parents and schools.

But guess what, I have put my latest book, Ten in the bed / Dix dans le lit, on Kindle Unlimited which means that you can get this book for free if you are a subscriber to Kindle Unlimited which I fully advocate.


Well having two children myself and being tasked like lots of parents, I was always concerned about when my children starting using digital devices, how I could really control the content they were accessing as well as ensuring they were still being exposed to as much educational fun as possible - it's my obsession. As a result of that I founded the company Leading Languages® - for online language lessons for children and parents and  Digi-teAch® - an online tech e-business for parents to earn online by creating passive income based around their passions and skills.

However, with kids Kindle you can give your children access to unlimited reading and books and set them reading goals. When they reach these goals they get rewarded with a 'child' friendly' kindle game which is also free for your child. 

So this is like reverse psychology for the better good. Being a parent, you will know what I mean by that - where electronic devices are concerned. 

And if you don't have a kids kindle yet for your child, here are a few of my favourite  picks!

This particular model has £30 off it -right now and is available in pink too. You can get the discounted price one here.


And if parent's want to join the challenge with their children or simply just read a great book or few hundred!!! You can get some money off this adults kindle, right here:


Either way, here at Baguette Bear world, both myself as the creator and author of Baguette Bear and Baguette Bear himself wish you all the very best Christmas.